How to Become a Successful Stand Up Comedian

A unique career choice for anyone who has a natural sense of humor is becoming a stand up comedian. Stand up comedians have the innate ability to make people laugh. They are the reason why so many people love the comedy genre. Becoming a successful stand up comedian is not as easy as delivering the most humorous jokes. It will take criticisms, hard work, and passion to become a successful stand up comedian. If an aspiring comedian lacks the perseverance to go through all the difficulties in becoming successful in this career path, he or she might just end up a small time comedian. Great comedians can make their comedy performances look effortless, but behind the camera, they take several hours of writing and practicing the best jokes they have to offer. The performance of a successful stand up comedian can be narrowed down to three parts: planning, performing, and promoting.

Planning is the first part of a stand up comedian’s work. It is a never ending process and should improve depending on the level of the performer. When starting out a comedy performance, it is important to plan on what to perform. Many comedy clubs in the city would offer open mics for aspiring stand up comedians. New comedians should definitely take this opportunity to be seen in public. Thus, preparing the best jokes in hand has to be done. Planning on the first performances is very crucial to any aspiring stand up comedian. It is during the first performances that the comedian gains favor from the audience. If the audience loves the comedian’s performance, he or she becomes more in demand for succeeding performances. A good planning method for a new comedian is to write and memorize jokes and stunts for the first show. It is advisable to perform the first shows in bars, clubs, or coffee shops. First time comedians should avoid performing in talent shows or venues that have a large group of audience. It would be too risky if the performance is delivered to a wide audience. Many of the group may not like the performance, thus leading to poor reputation. It is best to conduct proper planning for the performances to be done in open mic shows done in bars or clubs. This way, a comedian would not have to worry about impressing a larger group.

Performing is the second phase of becoming a successful stand up comedian. Every performance should be done with proper planning. Starting comedians can learn from veterans on how to perform effectively on stage. There should be no dead air in every comedian’s performance. The main goal is to keep the audience entertained while the comedian is still on stage. A comedian should have back-up performances in case the planned performance does not click with the audience.

After a series of successful performances, a stand up comedian gains more favor through promotion. Promoting is the major source of a stand up comedian’s income. However, this phase can only be attained if the comedian has already established an in-demand reputation to a wide set of audience.