The Benefits of Laughter

People always say, “Laughter is the best medicine.” This popular adage is not just a mere metaphor but a scientifically-proven fact. Laughter is indeed the best medicine for anyone. Laughing provides a number of helpful health benefits, including reversing the effects of anxiety. Many medical professionals do not deny that drug medications only come next to the healthful effects of laughter.

Anxiety is not just experienced by people with mental illness but also to regular individuals as well. People who are often too busy at work may not have time for entertainment already. Hectic work schedules and strenuous activities can lead to stress, which in most cases is accompanied with anxiety. Stress is already a component of daily living for any adult. Whether you are a stay-at-home parent or a big time employee, issues such as stress and anxiety can occur. It may affect the way you behave, think, or feel. Finding a healthy way of coping with stress can help improve your overall’s physical and mental well-being.

It is observed that the reason why a person becomes down and slower during periods of anxiety is because of the brain’s production of certain chemicals, including epinephrine, norepinephrine, and dopamine. These chemicals trigger the increase in distribution of catecholamines in the entire body. The growth of this substance in the human body releases physiological cases like increased blood pressure, heartbeat, suppression of immune system, and increased cell reproduction. These are harmful effects of the body that were triggered from severe anxiety. When left untreated or unmanaged, anxiety can result in the development of cardiovascular diseases and digestive problems. It can even lead to heart failures and stroke.

An uncommon symptom of anxiety is procrastination. Although not experienced by many individuals, there are a number of adults who acquired anxiety through procrastination. Running away from a traumatic life experience can lead to anxiety. Such situation can lead to mental illnesses, including severe depression. Depression is a serious concern, simply because it can result to the loss of one’s life.

The best way to reduce stress and anxiety in one’s life is to have a good laugh. Laughter improves the body’s defense mechanism, thus helping the body become less susceptible to many illnesses. There have been many researches that proved the improved production of endorphins and catecholamines in the body through laughter. These types of chemicals boost feelings of well-being and happiness when released from the human brain. Getting good laughter can be done in so many ways. There are many movies under the comedy genre that can give anyone a good laugh. Being with friends that have a good sense of humor is a free and entertaining way of receiving laughter. Another way of having a good laugh is through stand up comedians, who can be found in comedy bars, coffee shops, and restaurants. They can also be found in televisions. Stand up comedians can certainly make anyone laugh, thus helping people become much healthier. Drug medications can make a person free from illnesses but only laughter can make someone physically and mentally healthy.

What Makes a Joke Funny for a Stand Up Comedian

Comedy is a genre that almost everyone likes. Comedians make a reputation of entertaining their audience with good jokes. Jokes can either be scripted or just thought out at the moment it was uttered. Good comedians can deliver jokes in the most entertaining manner, making sure a wide audience understands the humor. Writing jokes is not as simple as writing pick-up lines. Jokes should be both humorous and entertaining. They are not meant to be sensible, although there are comedians who write jokes that make sense, yet funny at the same time. The jokes that a comedian makes will be most entertaining if they match with the comedian’s personality. It is not that easy to develop a comedic personality on stage. It will take several performances before a comedian can create his or her own image that will last in the minds of the audience. Being funny is the prerequisite of being comedian, simply because making people laugh is the comedian’s main objective. Writing jokes using a simple formula can help improve humor for a comedian.

The most effective formula in writing jokes is the “set up – punchline” formula. Most stand up comedians follow this equation is creating very humorous jokes. You should not wonder why many comedians get so far just because of their famous jokes. This way of formulating jokes is entirely different from imitation. Many new comedians would try to imitate someone who is famous or widely popular to a specific audience. This kind of comedic stunt is still humorous but contains very long and rambling punch lines, which can be a bit wordy. Some of the audience might not be able to catch up to joke.

An effective way for an aspiring comedian to make it big in the industry is by writing down all the thought and words that the comedian finds funny. Once all has been listed, the comedian can then begin the editing process. The difficult part in this process is when these ideas will be reduced to at least two sentence. The first sentence is for the set up and the other for the punchline. More than two sentences may need to be reduced to two if the joke has already become too wordy. The end result of this type of exercise is laughable and natural joke. A comedian gains more confidence is he or she is able to produce effective one-liner jokes.

Oftentimes, new comedians get ideas about how to perform stand up comedy through television. The downside to this is a lack of originality. Too much watching of performances from other comedians can greatly influence a comedian’s way of joking. Green jokes and unethical jokes may become more used rather than wholesome yet humorous punch lines. The basic element in creating a joke is making the ending surprising. The standard “set-up, punchline” formula will become most effective if you have already compiled a list of wholesome jokes that might entertain a wide set of audience. Foul language and obscene subjects are not always the best resources in making the most humorous jokes.

How to Become a Successful Stand Up Comedian

A unique career choice for anyone who has a natural sense of humor is becoming a stand up comedian. Stand up comedians have the innate ability to make people laugh. They are the reason why so many people love the comedy genre. Becoming a successful stand up comedian is not as easy as delivering the most humorous jokes. It will take criticisms, hard work, and passion to become a successful stand up comedian. If an aspiring comedian lacks the perseverance to go through all the difficulties in becoming successful in this career path, he or she might just end up a small time comedian. Great comedians can make their comedy performances look effortless, but behind the camera, they take several hours of writing and practicing the best jokes they have to offer. The performance of a successful stand up comedian can be narrowed down to three parts: planning, performing, and promoting.

Planning is the first part of a stand up comedian’s work. It is a never ending process and should improve depending on the level of the performer. When starting out a comedy performance, it is important to plan on what to perform. Many comedy clubs in the city would offer open mics for aspiring stand up comedians. New comedians should definitely take this opportunity to be seen in public. Thus, preparing the best jokes in hand has to be done. Planning on the first performances is very crucial to any aspiring stand up comedian. It is during the first performances that the comedian gains favor from the audience. If the audience loves the comedian’s performance, he or she becomes more in demand for succeeding performances. A good planning method for a new comedian is to write and memorize jokes and stunts for the first show. It is advisable to perform the first shows in bars, clubs, or coffee shops. First time comedians should avoid performing in talent shows or venues that have a large group of audience. It would be too risky if the performance is delivered to a wide audience. Many of the group may not like the performance, thus leading to poor reputation. It is best to conduct proper planning for the performances to be done in open mic shows done in bars or clubs. This way, a comedian would not have to worry about impressing a larger group.

Performing is the second phase of becoming a successful stand up comedian. Every performance should be done with proper planning. Starting comedians can learn from veterans on how to perform effectively on stage. There should be no dead air in every comedian’s performance. The main goal is to keep the audience entertained while the comedian is still on stage. A comedian should have back-up performances in case the planned performance does not click with the audience.

After a series of successful performances, a stand up comedian gains more favor through promotion. Promoting is the major source of a stand up comedian’s income. However, this phase can only be attained if the comedian has already established an in-demand reputation to a wide set of audience.

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